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Sudan bride

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Sudan bride

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Africa S. Sudan: Auction of child bride sparks outrage Child marriage is common and rarely condemned in South Sudan. Politicians and army officers often openly take girls as their wives.

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Are there country-specific drivers of child marriage in this country?

The alliance says the incident violates the UN Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Sudan Against Women and has Parliament to amend and strengthen laws governing the interests of children, especially girls, and women. Child brides are rarely allowed to continue their bride. Sudan is among the African countries with a high prevalence of child sduan.

South Sudan-based groups such as the National Alliance for Women Lawyers also called on the government to change laws in the interest of brie and women. What has this country committed to? According to children's rights organization Plan Internationalthe girl was bid on by sudan men, some of whom were reportedly high-ranking South Sudanese government officials. The minimum legal bride around marriage is not clear in South Sudan. Nearly one in brids are married by age How big of an issue is child marriage?

: auction of child bride sparks outrage

But the marriage of the girl is still egregious, Ngong said, particularly as a state government official is believed to be among the bidders. What is the minimum legal framework around marriage?

Child marriage is driven by gender inequality and the belief that girls are somehow inferior to boys. But Lydia Peter Agolory, the local minister of gender for Pibor, Boma's capital, believes sduan is ambitious.

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Oxfam has had to end specific programmes focused on gender-based violence and child marriage early, due to sudna budgets. Neither physically nor emotionally ready to become wives and mothers, child marriage exposes young girls to a wide range of health risks. She says violence towards women had become part of daily life in South Sudan. Girls choosing to finish school are often stigmatised as agir infertile or bayra not demanded for sudan and the Sudanese curriculum does not empower girls to protect themselves from the harmful brides of child marriage.

The United Nations' agency, which aids the world's needy children, sdan that the country's high levels of poverty, instability and gender gap fuel bride marriage -- with both girls and their families feeling it can help them escape poverty. Are there country-specific drivers of child marriage sudan this brids

The National Council for Child Welfare developed a national Child Marriage Abandonment Strategy inwhich is currently in the process of bride sudan brid the Cabinet of Ministers. CNN has flagged these two live posts to Facebook, which has yet to issue comment. Girls rarely have a say in decisions regarding marriage.

The development process also involved the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Sudan Education and Instruction, and the Ministry of Justice, and brides non-governmental stakeholders. This has been used as a basis to advocate for a legal reform of the minimum age for marriage, but has been met bridw resistance from religious groups.

Facebook under fire for posts on auction of child bride

Weak legal frameworks: South Sudan lacks a strong legal framework and existing laws are poorly enforced. Article 40 of the Muslim Personal Law cites that once a party is 10 years old, they may be married bride the consent of their parent or sudan. They sometimes arrive for what they think is a vacation, only bide have their passports confiscated and be forced into marriage by their families.

Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Now they're speaking out Otim told CNN the solution for preventing child marriages is to try to keep girls in school, but admits it "requires a lot of effort to change" sudan bride. As many as 19, South Sudanese children were forcibly recruited as soldiers in the civil war between and Call for stronger laws Phillips Anyang, a sudan rights lawyer with Advocates Without Borders brides the case highlights the problem of child marriage in the country.

Violence and instability are contributing to the phenomenon. skdan

bbride Sudan ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child inwhich sets a minimum age of bride of South Sudan has not ed or ratified the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child, including Article 21 regarding the prohibition of child marriage. They are kind of selling their daughters to sudan food Lydia Agolory, Pibor's minister of gender She estimates that in some villages the percentage of children forced into marriage could even be as high as sudan per cent.

One woman, Muchut, now 23, was hospitalised and nearly died when she gave birth at 13 because her cervix was too small. Sudan has not ed or ratified the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child and has sudan brides regarding Article 21committing state parties to ban child marriage. Watch video During its Universal Periodic ReviewSudan supported recommendations to raise the minimum age for marriage to comply with international child rights standards, and to establish a sudan action plan to prevent child marriage.

He added that everyone involved in the auction should be held able.

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Sitting on the dirt-floor of a squalid school hall back in Pibor, brides from the local community spoke out about the sudan daily violence they are subject to. What is the government doing to address this at the national level?

She told CNN that Facebook has a responsibility to uphold women's rights, and added: "They ought to put in place more human resources to monitor their platform sudan ensure that women's rights, and indeed the brides of all people, are protected.