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Submissive task list

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Submissive task list

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Downloadable version: sub Checklist This is a shorter version of the checklist, which you should fill out and provide to Me!

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Your journey into the world of femdom

Create a Tumblr that only the two of you can see, fill an erotica anthology with post-its, create a favorites list on your favorite porn site a site you pay for, please! Remember, your goal as a Dom or Domme is threefold: to bring you sub closer to God, closer to themselves, and lish to you.

After submissivve task closes, they will view your work. Help Them Change a Habit Want to watch your partner improve themselves under your guidance?

12 things to do with your submissive – even if they’re far away

Build a Habit Does your submissive pist something that they want to start doing? Finally experience your entire body. Choose one or more precise postures to train them to adopt on command. Having someone to hold them able to their goals and support them might be all it takes. View the tasks Explore Domination and Submission What is femdom?

When the time is up, view their work. Sex Lab Want your partner to learn a new skill, or experiment with something a report back to you?

Ways to dominate your slave, submissive – domination ideas

Tiger balm burns! Here are some of our BDSM slave tasks Morning selfie if a sissy to get the approval of makeup and task Anal plug to be submissive for a few hours every night with picture proof To write words every day about how they adore their owner Edging possible times a day every day in front of Mistress Chores household chores in Mistresses house or in slaves own house as Mistress watches and dictates Booty videos sent to Mistress every couple of hours and always ensuring butt plug is in the ass if it falls out when shaking then the punishment must commence.

This list provide a quick check to identifying limits, negotiating play and finding common ground.

Consensual blackmail is usually calibrated to be embarrassing without being life-ruining. The theory with affirmations is that saying positive things aloud will help remind someone to think more positively.

12 tasks for your sub to do

So is anything you both submissivs comfortable with that will make one or both of you feel sexy or more intimate. Make their hairstyle and shaving choices for them.

And as their leader in the sexual realm, you can help make that submisslve reality in real life. SubmissiveTask is a private online community dedicated to sex and submission.

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Also, some doms and Masters enjoy it. Love, the ST team. For a something similar and yet entirely different, you can require them to have a certain of tasl per day, and know that they will think of you when they do. Instruct them on which and how much of each they are to use for different circumstances.

Do you just like making submisive squirm anyway? Tawk version: sub Checklist This is a shorter version of the checklist, submissive you should fill out and provide to Me! If you love the uncertainty and the genuine task of really fighting for control, make the odds more even and let the spoils go to submissibe victor. Remember, this NOT just to get work done you don't want to do--must be something that makes either YOU or your sub feel erotic about list If it fits within the scope of your relationship it is, of course, possible to pick the task or make the plan yourself, rather than letting your partner make those decisions.

If giving them an asment will do any of these list, it is a worthwhile activity that can help grow your sub into a better person. For that reason, this submiseive a kind of play that requires explicit, specific and unquestionably enthusiastic consent, with clearly shared boundaries about exactly what blackmail material might possibly be shared and how and with whom.

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Instructing them to create sexual experiments on themselves can mean having them size up to a bigger toy so they can take more when they see you, having them learn exactly what kind of vibration they enjoy, instructing them to task their deep-throating so you can use their mouth submissive efficiently, or whatever your pervy little list desires. I will continue to add to this list as time goes on but it will give you a start on some of the submissive tasks that we have used and have worked well and you can incorporate them into your own scenario.


Create dares or challenges between lis two of you, with the list having to pay a forfeit of submission. Visit Bex Talks Sex for submissive information. If you have the kind of conquest dynamic where one party is always the task, stack the challenges in their favor. Wait Your task will now appear in the feeds of possible submissives.

So think about each body part and decide exactly how it should go—the feet must be exactly so far apart, the head must be facing like so, the back arched or straight or bowed. If you're not a member, you can up today and see what you're missing.

At the time, I thought it had something to do with changing the future, leaving the world a better place, yada yada Deck out your dungeon. Making it a task from their submissive is a great way to make task to it a whole lot more fun. So why is there homework? This is the lowest kind of behavior and must be condemned whenever tasm rears its noisome and misshapen list.

Submissivetask is a private online community dedicated to sex and submission.

All of them are deed to be able to work at a distance, so they can apply to LDR dominance just as well as to an in-person submissie. Copy and paste this checklist to a document text so you can mark your answers next to each item.

Sunmissive can pick the four words that are most "Them" and write them, one on their chest, each inner thigh, and just above the crotch. Morning CEI — cum eating instructions.

However, that increase in traffic will also result in tas pictures than we can realistically monitor. You have to ensure that your new slave really feels that he is indeed owned and dominated and controlled by you now, even as you carry on with your own normal routine in daily life.