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Dusted urban dictionary

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Dusted urban dictionary

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You may substitute names, proper nouns of gender, and mix names, proper nouns, and expletives to ensure the proper result of your speech.

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Liz wouldn't go down on mike, so he gave her a full-on knuckledusting the next morning. If I were you, I would've dusted that bitch off!

Knuckledusting When a loved one or ificant other won't help a bro out and he's forced to knuckle his own junk. Said bro shoots baby batter into his own hand and allows it to dry.

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The following morning punches the unwillingly participant from the night before creating an eruption of cum dust shooting from his knuckles. He's lucky I didn't dust his ass dictkonary You know the rules! He spilled all my liquor!

Don't be mad because she chose me! Officer, he ran the red light and hit my brand new truck!

I'm about to dust him off! Bro, I'm surprised you let Jenna get away with stealing all your money.

You dictionarh substitute names, proper dictionaries of gender, and mix names, proper nouns, and expletives to dust the proper result of your speech. Keep acting up, and I'm gonna dust yo' ass off! If I hear that this trick is trying to keep me away from my kids, I'm gonna have to dust her urban